Logic Pro updates to 10.7.5

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Logic Pro has made quite a name for itself over the years, especially recently, for making its incremental updates often as feature packed as other developers' bigger flagship updates.

So, today we are going to explore what's in Logic's latest update, bringing it up to version 10.7.5.

It includes some exciting new features which will help you get the most out of your Logic Pro experience.

While 10.7.5 is technically a maintenance update, it includes some cool new features, so let's dive into what they are!



Ableton Link Support

In a world of increased connectivity, the ability to collaborate between DAWs is a fantastic thing. With 10.7.5, Logic now supports Ableton Link, which is a protocol which synchronises the beat, phase and tempo of Link-activated application on either the same device, or a shared network.

There are tonnes of apps out there which support Ableton Link, so if you use any mobile synths, be sure to check out whether they support this feature. It could allow some cool jamming results if so!

Free Tempo recording and other Smart Tempo enhancements

This is a cool new feature, which allows you to use the Free Tempo Recording button to record in audio without a metronome or a defined tempo in either a new or an existing project.

This allows you to essentially generate a tempo from a recording, and then the project will follow it organically, which could be really useful for injecting some swing and non-rigid timing to your music.

What's more, is that you can improve the Smart Tempo analysis results by adding and adjusting hints for the downbeats and beats, as well as adding time signature hints to nudge things in the right direction and define any time signature changes.

Once you've made any edits in the Smart Tempo Editor using either hints or beat markers, and you're happy with how it sounds, you can lock the range in which you've added these, ensuring that there will be no further accidental changes made. 

All of the Smart Tempo analysis has been significantly improved with a machine learning-based system.

I really like this feature, as sometimes when you're recording in real time, it can feel restrictive to play to a rigid click. A lot of older music was recorded to imperfect timing, so it can help to inject some humanisation into your music .


Personalised Spatial Audio support

If you're running macOS 13 or later, then the 10.7.5 update also supports Personalised Spatial Audio. 

This allows you to create a customised head-and-ear measurement profile on a supported iPhone, which Logic then uses to provide an even more precise and immersive audio experience over headphones.

This is a great feature, allowing more precise control over your audio


Other cool features


The above listed features are the main ones, but there are a range of other cool additions which we will summarise below.


  • MIDI plug-in output recording - this means you can now record the output of MIDI plugins, allowing precise editing of the resulting notes and controller data.
  • Gain Tool - the Gain tool allows you to make quick and easy edits to the gain of audio regions in the tracks area.
  • Nested track stacks - now folder stacks and summing stacks can contain nested track stacks, meaning you have even more organisation options for your projects.
  • Pedaboard Stompboxes - thes Stompbox plugins in Pedalboard are now available to be used as standalone plugins on both audio and software instrument tracks!
  • New sound packs - there are two new soundpacks included in 10.7.5; Beat Tape and Modular Rhythms, giving you some cool hip hop and synth drum sounds to use in your music. Find these in the Sound Packs sections of the Sound Library Manager.
  • 32-bit file import this allows you to now import 32-bit float audio files natively in Logic.


These are the main updates for Logic in version 10.7.5, and you can read the full patch notes here.


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