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Hello producers, we’re back here at Logicxx.com with another article about Logic Pro. Many people on forums such as Reddit or the Apple forums have long been speculating whether we will be seeing a Logic Pro11 any time soon, and the answer to that question is a complicated one. 

Apple’s upgrade from Logic Pro 9 to Logic Pro X was a paid upgrade, as it was essentially a soft reboot of the DAW. You had a completely overhauled UI, as well as upgrades to the sound processing, instruments and plugins.

But will we see a new numbered version of Logic Pro soon? Will there be a Logic Pro 11?

Dropping the X

Many of you may have noticed already that the DAW we all love is actually no longer called Logic Pro X. It is now officially titled ‘Logic Pro’. They dropped the X, and we’ve seen several updates since then.

Some people think it may be a long time before we see a new version that’s a paid upgrade, and others think we may never see one! 

What is likely is that we will continue to see significant updates to the software, with its official version now being 10.7.2. There is no guarantee however that when they reach past 10.9 it will jump to 11. Given that Apple’s OS has had version names such as 10.14.6.

So Logic Pro 11 may be far away, but let’s explore some of the amazing features in the current version of Logic Pro!

Spatial Audio

One of the amazing new features in Logic Pro is its Spatial Audio feature. Using Dolby Atmos tools integrated into Logic, you can create fully immersive 3d spatial mixes. No longer are you limited to the Left or Right panning of traditional mixing, you can expand your songs into a dynamic three-dimensional experience, and export straight to a Dolby Atmos file.

Sounds fancy right? But don’t worry.

What this means in practical terms is you can create really interesting stereo images and export them straight to a format which is compatible with Apple Music. Using expanded surround mixer tools, including a height channel, as well as a new 3D object panner. 

Whether you’re using a state of the art Dolby Atmos multi-speaker system, or mixing with headphones on a laptop, this new feature has tools for everyone to use. There are also surround enabled features in many of the plug ins, so they’re optimised to allow you to create a professional spatial mix.

New Sound Packs

Logic Pro also has a huge new collection of sound packs. Perfect for inspiring you, this is a massive collection of instruments, loops and samples. There are also packs from some of the biggest producers out there, including Oak Felder, Take a Daytrio, TRAKGIRL and more.

We get two new sound packs; Ultimate 808s and Backlight Bounce.

Ultimate 808s is a collection of hard hitting 808 based samples, loops, presets and patches. 

Backlight Bounce is a collection of huge EDM samples. We are talking massive synth sounds, big bass and huge drums.

The newest feature is the Producer Packs, created by:

  • Take a Daytrip
  • Oak Felder
  • Mark Lettieri
  • Watch the Sound With Mark Ronson
  • Soulection
  • Tom Misch
  • Boys Noize

In total you are getting 2800 loops, 50 kits and 120 patches added into your existing Logic Pro library.

More New Features

There are also more new features packed under the hood of Logic Pro. 

It’s been optimised for MacBook Pros, delivered incredible performance and optimisations for Apple Silicon on the new MacBook Pro models.

Logic Pro now also has more than 230 instrument and audio patches, and 50 vintage and modern drum kits, including a collection of 808 samples.

There is also an Original multitrack project of the hit song Montero by Lil Nas X, including a Dolby Atmos spatial audio mix.


Finally, we have a refined new design as well as expanded tools for the Step Sequencer, allowing you to record step recordings live, with melodic drum pattern editing added too.

The future of Logic.

So you can see above that there are some huge new features added with the latest update. Apple have really stepped up their game with Logic over the past year or so, bringing it up to date with some of its features that it lacked compared to other DAWs.

But when we are talking about being a huge update and a new named version, namely Logic Pro 11, there is no definite answer either way.

As with all their product drops, Apple is famously secretive, so any rumours suggesting Logic Pro 11 is around the corner should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, stranger things have happened, and who knows? 

Maybe Logic Pro 11 is just around the corner? Maybe it’s not!

Thanks again for checking in with us here at Logicxx.com. Be sure to let us know in the comments your thoughts on Logic Pro. Do you think there will be a Logic Pro 11? Would you pay for it or would you expect it to be a free upgrade?

Let us know your thoughts! 

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