Ti√ęsto - I'll Take You High Logic Pro Remake (Dance)

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ūüíĽ A deconstructed Logic Pro¬†Remake¬†version of¬†"I'll Take You High"¬†by¬†Ti√ęsto.¬†And released by Atlantic Records.¬†A track with a lot to learn about Transitions, Drums, Beatmaking, Sub Basses, Synths, Pads, Fx, Song Structure, Vocals, and¬†many more modern¬†Dance¬†Music¬†Production¬†Elements.

ūüéĻ The Template was¬†made for Logic Pro X. Using¬†Xfer's¬†Serum¬†v1.334 (or higher), and Nicky Romero's¬†Kickstart 2¬†external¬†Vst Plugins.¬†Also¬†making use of, Stock FX and Stock Instruments. Dance Style samples for beginners are included, with¬†a full arrangement Beat. Both fully Mixed and Mastered, ready for you to download and start playing it!

Template Specifications:

ūüďĆFile size:¬†26.4 MB

ūüďĆSoftware, DAW: Logic Pro X 10.6.3, or higher.

ūüďĆVST Plugins:¬†Xfer's Serum v1.334 (or higher), and Nicky Romero's Kickstart v2 external Vst Plugins required.

ūüďĆSong Key:¬†Ab Min

ūüďĆTime Length:¬†2:54

ūüďĆGenre:¬†Dance /¬†Big Room

ūüďĆDrums:¬†All Drum Samples¬†are part of this zipped project. You can find them there.


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